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Full review of Bombshell eliquids

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8.7 Final Score
Bombshell E Liquid Review Bottom Line

Not a bad flavor amongst the bunch, but really loved both Lucille and Audrey, so much so I might even start watching their movies! A premium branded e-liquid that concentrates on making quality e-liquid as opposed to a fancily packaged juice. In our opinion Bombshell is one of the best e-liquids on the market especially for those drippers out there!

Bombshell eliquid review

In-Depth Review of Bombshell E Liquid

So we are on a mission at SmokeTastic and that is to find the best quality eliquid we can, doesn’t really matter on price, just a nice tasting, good selection of flavors and an eliquid that produces the best vape.

We have come across Bombshell e-liquid, which was suggested by one of our readers, (thanks, Matty, you know who you are)! So how does this e-liquid taste and is it worth the slightly higher price in comparison to other cheaper juices? Let’s take a look!


It’s All About The Brand

First of all Bombshell e-liquids have just 5 flavors out, and they seem to be targeting the most loved flavors, so we got out hands on one of each to give them a go! One thing I hate about e-liquids is the fancy names they give them, without the user having any idea what they actually are without looking them up online.

Unfortunately, Bombshell e-liquids are no different, but instead of calling them a cool fancy name, they have named them after some classic actresses; Audrey, Marilyn, Sophia, Lucille and Elizabeth, I mean how the hell are you suppose to know what flavors they are! I actually wrote on the bottles just to remind me!

So they are all 70/30 VG/PG blend, which happens to be my favorite producing just the right vapor and holds the taste really well. So let’s get on with the individual review of each flavor or should I say, actress…??

We tested each flavor in a regular pre-built coil tank 0.4ohm at 40 watts, and RDA with a 0.3ohm coil at 50 watts and an RTA with a 0.2ohm coil at 60 watts all housed on one of the best vape mods to really give it a thorough test!

The Flavors:

  • Lucille – Well apparently everyone loves Lucy, so how does her e-liquid taste? Now we have to say that Lucy tastes pretty good! Advertised as “Spunky Pineapple & Creamy Coconut” it has a subtle taste of pina colada but more pineapple in taste that coconut, which we love. When dripped sometime e-liquids can be way too strong, but Lucy tastes even better! Nice and smooth and one of our favorites out of the bunch! 4 out of 5.
  • Marilyn version of Bombshell e-liquid

  • Audrey – Our next favourite is beautiful Audrey advertised as “Bold Lemon Bar Kissed With Sweet Powdered Sugar” it sounds too sweet, but the actual lemon flavor is perfectly balanced. Again good on an RDA, RTA or regular tank, which kind of surprised us really. This one is one of our favorites that we class as an all day vape juice! Again have to score this 4 out of 5.
  • Sophia flavored Bombshell eliquid

  • Marilyn – Which we actually guessed right as a flavor, advertised as “Seductive Strawberry Marshmallow Fluff” is another great tasting juice. Now we love strawberry flavored juice like most vapers, so our expectations were high considering the other flavors scored so highly. Now we have to say we were a tad disappointed, I’m sure if we would have tasted this one first we would have been impressed, but as the other flavors were so good, our expectations were just too high. Yes, the strawberry does come through, but to really taste this flavor well you do need to drip it. The flavor just gets lost in a regular tank. Make it stronger guys! Nevertheless, dripping does still create a great taste, so it’s a 3 out of 5 for poor Marilyn. Shame because I really wanted this to be my favorite!
  • Elizabeth – This one scared us a little, as so many other companies try to produce a Cinnamon flavor and just fail. Advertised as “A Decadent Cream Cheese Frosted Cinnamon Treat”  we really hope it doesn’t take like old feet! Glad to report it doesn’t and again another subtle flavor which we think again is best dripped (but then what isn’t when you get a good juice). For us though it’s not a flavor that we would order again, it’s definitely going to be used so hard to give it a score, 2#s too low and 3’s too high so it’s 2.5 out of 5!
  • Sophia – The Bombshell selection is finished with Sophia, advertised as “Sassy Raspberry Lemonade Italian Ice”, for us this just didn’t have the same quality as the other 4 flavors. The combination is too neutral, we feel, one canceling the other out and thus leaves us wanting more raspberry. But hey, we still managed to finish the bottle, so it couldn’t have been that bad. Our score 2 out of 5.


To Conclude

Overall Bombshell Eliquids are a premium juice brand the perfect companion to the best e-cigarette products, but unlike others who feel you’re just paying for the fancy packaging, you really feel you are getting value for money with smooth delicate favors that not only taste good in regular tanks but taste even better being dripped.  We strongly suggest trying all 5 flavors, but Lucille and Audrey are a must! Definitely, one we will be stocking up with! Be sure to keep an eye out on our vape vapes page to see which devices to use with this e-liquid!

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