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Series B DNA 75W Review Bottom Line

If you want a small yet stylish mod then JacVapour have the solution: Introducing the Series B DNA 75W box mod. Using just one 18650 battery this mod has the capability of powering up to 75W utilizing the Evolv DNA chipset which is well known and trusted across the industry making it one of the best, if not the best single battery box mods on the market.

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The Series B DNA 75W by JacVapour

In-depth Review of the JacVapour Series B DNA 75W

JacVapour has a mod that they think is their best mod to date, introducing the Series B DNA 75W, which promises to give exceptional performance. But with so many mods on the market right now how does the Series B DNA really perform against the best vape mods? Shall we take a look:

Design of the JacVapour Series B DNA


JacVapour has certainly got the design right for this mod, it looks really stylish and oozes quality. A relatively small mod, with a black rubber/Stainless steel color all ergonomically designed in a compact but thought out way.

The main body is made of a zinc alloy with a matte black finish it does have a rubber feel thanks to the rubber oil top coat. The battery cover is a gunmetal look which makes the finish look really good overall.

The top of the mod has a push pin 510 thread so you’re not limited to using a custom tank, you can use whichever you like, most tanks should sit flush on the mod. The battery cover is magnetic with a fingernail groove to remove it when required.

The front features the display with a nice big firing button at the top which is easy to find and use, below the screen has a toggle button which allows you adjust settings both up and down. Overall the design is really nice and for under $100 it’s priced okay, but make sure you check out our vape deals as this mod has been known to show it faces here and at a pretty good price!

View of the JacVapour Series B DNA from its side


Inside this mod houses the popular Evolv DNA chipset, so we know this thing is going to perform well! The buttons are easy to use and click and overall these mods features are very easy to use no matter if you’re a complete beginner or an experienced vaper.

The mod features both temperature control and wattage modes with the ability to customize the interface to a certain degree. The Series B DNA 75W mod uses a removable 18650 battery capable of reaching a power of up to 75 watts, which isn’t going to outperform other dual battery devices like the SMOK Mag kit for example, but using just one battery does make it smaller. If you vape around 30-50 Watts, however, this mod is perfect.

We tried vaping in temperature control at around 430 degrees Fahrenheit with a stainless steel coil produces a nice warm and smooth vape. In wattage mode, which is our personal favorite, we used a 0.3-ohm coil at 35 watts and its really perfect, everything we expected from the evolve DNA chip, but with the design of the JacVapour Series B make this mod a pleasure to use!

The advantages


  • Great design that’s easy to use and operate
  • Evolves DNA chipset inside the JacVapour SERIES-B is hard to beat as far as performance is concerned
  • Nice easy to read, big screen
  • 6-month warranty

The disadvantages


  • Lack of color choices, although Sandstorm will be available soon and a silver version with a larger 25mm diameter to suit larger tanks is also available
  • Lack of grip on Mod so can easily slip out of your hand
  • Only 1 18650 battery so battery life may be limited in comparison to dual mods on the market

The JacVapour Series B DNA 75W packaging

To Conclude

Overall we were really happy with the JacVapour SERIES-B DNA, it operated exactly how we expected as it utilizes the Evolve DNA chipset and our expectations were high! A nice sophisticated design that just puts a smile on your face when you first see it!

Is it an e-cig to use to quit smoking? Well yes, it supports both Mouth to Lung (MTL) and direct lung inhales depending on the atomizer you use (over 1-ohm resistance for MTL, and under 1 ohm for direct lung inhales) so choose your atomizer to suit. Easy to use the mod for both newcomers and experienced vapers with all the features you need.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King
Nicholas King is the sole owner and editor of SmokeTastic. Nicholas, use to smoke 30 a day back in 2011 before converting to vaping. With a depth of knowledge in the vaping industry and the research he conducts, makes him one of the most recognized and experienced vapers in the industry.