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Full review of the Uwell Nunchaku Vape Pen

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Uwell Nunchaku Vape Pen Review Bottom Line

Finally a removable 18650 battery vape pen is on the market, why oh why did we have to wait so long! Anyhows Uwell has released their Nunchaku vape pen that is as good as any single battery mod on the market. Fires from 5-80W and coupled with the Uwell Nunchaku tank this starter kit is awesome.

The Nunchaku Vape Pen from Uwell

In-depth Uwell Nunchaku Vape Pen Review

Finally, I hear all the vapers cheer, a vape pen that is not only regulated but also utilizes the 18650 battery! That’s right, finally, Uwell has given vapers what they have been asking for with the release of the Nunchaku 80W TC vape pen!

Is it as good as the 80W box mods out there, well we take a close look at this new vape pen from Uwell, explore its features and figure out if it’s worth getting? Onward to the review!

Colors of the Uwell Nunchaku


So, all the best vape pens all kind of look alike, I mean there’s really not much that you can do with them, but Uwell has produced an ergonomic design that fits into your hand perfectly and kind of resembles a nunchuck if you squint and imagine a little!  With the simple enlarged fire button placed at the top of the pen with 2 small adjustable buttons towards the bottom, just above the tiny screen.

Yes, a screen! It small OLED Display is well placed and surprisingly easy to read, giving you all the information you need like battery life, wattage or temperature (pending on the mode you’re in), the resistance of the coil in the tank, and the voltage.

The tank on the Uwell Nunchaku pen


This is a vape pen that houses a single 18650 battery, which is pretty unique, usually vape pens come with built-in batteries to keep the size down. The removable battery means you can carry a spare around with you and replace whenever needed.

The Nunchaku can power from 5 watts to 80 watts, which is about standard for any single battery mod or pen. Vape pens seem to be more popular to smokers looking at e-cigs to quit smoking with, I guess that vape pens seem a natural progression from the top cigalikes, to vape pens and then to box mods, there’s no real reason for it, it just happens that way!

Multiple modes! Yay! Yes, this vape pen has multiple modes that include your standard wattage mode, temperature control, and those who like to bypass both of them you can run it unregulated straight from the battery like other vape pens!

The size of the Uwell Nunchaku Pen


  • 5ml Tank Capacity
  • Top Fill tank
  • 4mm x 94.5mm Battery Housing
  • 510 tank tread
  • 5-80W power output
  • Voltage range of 0.7V – 7V
  • Uses 1 x 18650 battery (sold seperately)
  • 200-600F / 100-300℃ Temperature control range
  • Minimum Atomizer Resistance of 0.1-ohm



Set to around 50W which is the ideal level for this 0.25-ohm coil the airflow is really good and boy does this pen create some huge flavorful clouds!

The modes on the Uwell NunchakuUwell have certainly got a tank that vapes well, and as part of the Nunchaku vape pen kit, it works perfectly in harmony! Really impressed with the flavor the tank is pulling out of the juice and the pen is as responsive as any of the vape mods we’ve tried recently and great for pulling off some great vape tricks.


The Negatives

Now, this is quite hard to say, because due to the design, all vape pens have the same issue, but it needs to be said, especially to those vapers who have used dual battery mods before in the past. Yes, you’ve guessed it; battery life.

The battery life on the Nunchaku Vape pen is not that great, you really need to get a high performing 18650 battery to get the most out of this pen. You are going to have the same problems with all vape pens, but the advantage with the Nunchaku pen is the removable 18650 battery, so you can carry a spare around.


To Conclude

We are so happy to see Uwell release the Nunchaku vape pen with a removable 18650 battery which is not just a standard vape pen, but one that is regulated by both wattage control and temperature control. It’s a great step forward and should definitely be considered as one of the best e-cig products in its class.

Yes, the size is slightly larger than other internal battery pens, but for all the advantages we can live with a few mm’s difference.

The tank paired with this kit performs really well, producing huge thick and tasty clouds that many will find hard to believe coming from a vape pen. Overall really happy with the performance and can only recommend it to those vape pen lovers out there.

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