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The IJOY Wand Starter Kit Review
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June 18, 2018
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Geek Vape Aegis Legend Starter Kit Review
June 22, 2018

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: June 20th, 2018.

6.7 Final Score
Eleaf Lexicon Kit Bottom Line

If your a fan of light displays on your mod, then the new Eleaf Lexicon Kit is definitely one to look at, with lights on the front, sides, back and top along with a pretty good tasting vape, thanks to the ELLO Duro Tank and it's mesh coils. The dual 18650 mod produces power up to 235W with both VW and TC controls. If the screen would have been bigger and better designed we would be scoring it even higher!

The Eleaf Lexicon Kit with ELLO Duro tank

In-depth Eleaf Lexicon Starter Kit Review

Eleaf is one of the original e-cig companies established way back in 2011, so you could say they have plenty of experience. So with their new box mod kit being released, the Eleaf Lexicon Kit, we are expecting some good things. Let’s take a close look at this kit to see if it competes with the best vape mods around.

Design of the Eleaf Lexicon Kit


Keeping to the traditional box mod look the Eleaf Lexicon Kit has a slight alien or futuristic look with fancy light strips and a different layout than most other mods.

Available in a whole host of colors, 6 initially, that include Blue, red, silver, black, purple and a rainbow or dazzling as they call it, you’re pretty much sure to find a color to suit. They will probably release some new color combinations later this year, but that really depends on the popularity of the mod kit. We often see manufacturers of the best e-cigs release special edition versions of popular devices.

Measuring in at just a little over 132mm tall with the 6ml tank on, (124mm with the EU 2ml tank), 45mm wide and a depth of 31mm, with a weight of around 228grams, this is an averagely sized mod considering its a dual 18650 device.

Eleaf has seemed to take particular time over the light display on the mod, not sure this is everyone’s choice, but with a cool array of effects, we can see some are just going to love it! There are light strips everywhere on this thing! Running down the center and splitting into 2, then all up the sides, on top and on the back!

The Eleaf Lexicon Kit in silverThe screen has been placed at the top side of the mod, a little on the small side, but that’s obviously placed there to make room for all the lights! The adjustment buttons, up and down, are right at the base of the mod with the USB port just below.

The side has the firing button at the top, and also features a small light display! The 510 spring loaded thread is placed in the center on the top of the mod, so it balances pretty nicely.



The Eleaf Lexicon mod is a dual 18650 battery device with a maximum output of up to 235 Watts. In wattage mode, the mod can handle atomizer resistances of between 0.05 – 3ohms and in temperature mode between 0.05-1.5ohms. These are pretty good specs and pretty standard across most box mods.

The screen shows all the important information you need to know when vaping like current wattage, the resistance of the coil, amps when firing, voltage and 2 battery indicators, one for each battery.

Holding the fire button and up button enters the menu screen, where you see a number of menu icons. You can scroll through the options with the up button and select using the fire button. Within the menu area, you can adjust the light colors, the type of display (named mode in the menu).

Pressing the fire button 3 times enters the menu for the firing of the device, where you can change to temperature control mode, choose the type of coil, and all the other standard stuff you get in the menu.

The ELLO Duro Tank on the Lexicon

ELLO Duro Tank

The ELLO Duro Mesh Tank, which we’ve seen before on the Eleaf iJust 3, comes in 2 sizes, one which is 6.5ml and an EU version at 2ml capacity to comply with the stupid TPD (Tobacco Products Directive, which was written by some very overpaid EU government officials that do not understand vaping)!  Both have the same mechanisms and components, it’s only the glass that differs amongst them.

The ELLO Duro Mesh Tank has triple adjustable airflow slots at the base which locks into place. It also features a top-fill operation, sliding the top cap to one side to show the fill hole.

The tank does come complete with 2 coils, one being the HW-N 0.2ohm Head rated at 40-90Watts and the other the HW-M 0.15ohm Head rated at 50-100Watts. Both are mesh but have slightly different mesh design, the HW-N is a net design with the HW-M having a hole design.

Blue version of the Eleaf Lexicon


We’re starting with the HW-M 0.15ohm coil in the ELLO Duro Tank, the mod is set to 75 watts and it produces a nice flavor along with a huge, but smooth cloud. Ramping the wattage up to the maximum of this coil, to 100 watts still produces a smooth vape, but the flavor is dampened considerably.  We would say the optimal performance of the coil is at around 75-80 watts.

With the HW-N 0.2ohm Head at 50 Watts produces an even better flavor in our opinion but the cloud content seems to be reduced somewhat. Increasing the wattage above 60 watts, again, we are experiencing a slight loss in flavor.

The Eleaf Lexicon mod, however, seems to be performing really well, very responsive and seems pretty accurate as far as wattage and temperature control is concerned.


To Conclude

The Eleaf Lexicon kit has a super design, specifically aimed at those vapers who love a light display or two! It has a great feel to it with the ergonomics designed well for the vaper. There’s no rattle to the device with either the battery door or fire button, so in whole, we were pretty happy with the Lexicon mod.

The mesh coils perform really well, and it’s nice to see you get 2 coils with the kit with slight differences in design and performance. The tank is an overall positive, with good airflow and decent capacity.

Overall we were super happy with the performance, taste and general vaping of the Eleaf Lexicon kit. It would have been nice to see a bigger screen, but it fits with the design. It’s probably not that well suited to a new vaper looking to quit smoking with vaping but for more advanced and intermediate users, it’s perfect.

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