The Smok RPM 80 Pro Pod Review
Smok RPM 80 Pro Vape Pod Starter Kit Review
October 22, 2020

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Vaporesso GTX GO 40 and 80 Review Bottom Line

Vaporesso have knocked it out the park with both the Vaporesso GTX GO 40 and 80 Starter Kits. The 80W version gives a little more power and more airflow due to the smaller coil included in the kit, but the flavor profiles from both devices are spot on. Simple to use, easy to fill, great performance, what more do you want?


In-depth Vaporesso GTX GO 40 and 80 Starter Kit Review

Vaporesso have a long solid experience in vaping products, and a well known reliable brand that many trust. Vaping has moved through a number of phases throughout history, from the basic cig-a-like models to vape pens, box mods and more recently vape pods. Vaporesso know that the vape pen was a popular choice by many vapers and have now released a new updated design utilizing the latest techniques to produce the new Vaporesso GTX GO 40 and 80 vape pen. The question is though, have they produced a vape pen that’s worthy of Vaporesso’s name? Let’s find out!

Vaporesso GTX GO 40/80 Vape Pen


Vaporesso have used the common vape pen design with both the Vaporesso GTX GO 80 and GTX GO 40 sporting a metal and rubber coating to improve grip which also makes it feel very well made to the touch. There is only one button that makes it as simple as it could be to operate, with a glowing light around the button to inform the user of the battery status.

The tank, or as they call it, the pod, is also of simple design, which is held in place with magnets on the base. You can simply remove the coil by pulling they are held in place with rubber washers which help prevent any leakage. It is also relatively easy to fill the pod/tank with eliquid, thanks to the simple top cap design. Simply unscrew and you will be resented with the fill holes.

The size of the Vaporesso GTX GO 40 is tiny for a relatively powerful vape pen. The 40 represents the maximum wattage and measures in at just 110.3mm tall with a diameter of 22mm and a tank capacity of 3.5ml (unless your in the UK, where it is 2ml)

The Vaporesso GTX GO 80, with a maximum of 80 watts power is a little larger in order to hold the larger battery, measuring in at a length of 133.2mm, a diameter of 26mm and a tank capacity of 5ml. Again if your in the UK the tank size is 2ml due to UK law.

Design of the Vaporesso GTX GO


The Vaporesso GTX GO, as described already, is a relatively simple device, but with that said it doesn’t mean it lacks in features, albeit most of them are under the hood and the user has no idea they are there! The main one being the controlled wattage. Depending on the coil you use in the device, the Vaporesso GTX GO will use the desired preset wattage, this makes it easy to use and less confusing for new vapers. There are also a number of safety features that will stop the device from working, or turn the device off if there are any such problems.

Let’s start out with the power! The Vaporesso GTX GO 40 holds a 1500mAh battery (5V/1A) and uses a Type-C USB with quick charge feature making it the first Type-C charger in a vape pen.

The Vaporesso GTX GO 80 holds a 3000mAh battery (5V/2A) and also uses the Type-C USB connector for charging.

Both Vaporesso GTX GO’s have adjustable airflow that can be controlled by simply turning the pod.

Turning the vape pen on and off is done by clicking the fire button 5 times, which is common amongst all manual controlled vape devices. When it comes on a light around the button flashes. Green represents between 70-100% battery life, blue represents between 30-70% consumption and red is less than 30%.

Overall the features in these two vape pens are typical in all the best vape products that you find on the market.

Performance of the Vaporesso GTX GO Vape Pen


Vaporesso GTX GO 40 Performance

The GTX Go 40 comes with a GTX 0.6ohm MESH COIL, so don’t forget to wet the coil with e-liquid prior to use, if you forget this, you may burn the cotton and ruin the coil!

There is only one setting we can really play around with and that’s airflow as the device with automatically choose the right wattage. So with the airflow fully open we take our first few vapes. We found the taste is not too bad, but taking one or two puffs is not enough to test the unit fully, so we tested the product for 2 straight days.

Our initial impression is that it’s actually a pretty rock solid vape pen for the size, really happy with the taste, but there is a little bit of air resistance due to the 0.6-ohm coil that comes with the kit. The higher ohm coils generally have more resistance due to the centre diameter of the coil. We also noticed that the power seems to be a little low, but others did not experience this problem, as I usually vape around 80W, this maybe due to my experience. But, to be honest, we only really noticed these 2 key considerations after we tested the GO 80 vape pen, which comes with a smaller ohm coil!

Vaporesso GTX GO 80 Performance

The GTX Go 80 comes with a GTX 0.2ohm MESH COIL, so we’re expecting more airflow and more power, and that is exactly what you get! Again we tested for 2 days, which actually ended up to be a lot longer than that as this was a really enjoyable vape. The 0.2ohm coil does give the feeling that it’s a lot more powerful, more airflow and hence more flavor, but that’s not really fair for the GO 40, because that performed really well! Realistically, in our opinion, the GTX GO 80 is a more satisfying vape, but the difference is relatively minimal, it’s only really noticeable after vaping both for sometime.

Difference Between The Vaporesso GTX GO 40 and the GO 80

Putting it simply, if you use box mod or use a higher wattage device and your looking for a vape pen to carry around with you then pick the GO 80, if your a new user or vape 0.4ohms and above, then the Go 40 is more suited, plus it’s a lot smaller!

Colors of the Vaporesso GTX GO 40 and 80


Overall we loved the Vaporesso GTX GO 80, it’s a beautiful and powerful device delivering a great flavored full vape. The custom settings are just about right and the adjustable airflow is simple and effective. The Vaporesso GTX GO 40 is close behind, just lacking slightly in the power, but there are other coils on the market that may suit our type of vaping better, but they have to be purchased separately and we did not try them.

Vaporesso have a great name in the industry, and the Vaporesso GTX GO vape pens show that they have what it takes to make a great vape pen! Good Job!!

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