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Where Is The Vaping Industry Heading
April 12, 2017
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Kanger Five6 Review Bottom Line

Is this the era of extreme power? Kanger is looking to transport a whole generation of cloud chasers to the next level with their latest model - the all-new FIVE6 222W Vape Mod and Tank in their AKD Series. Yup, that’s a massive 222W; plus the FIVE6 has a whole set of outstanding new features.

The Kanger Five6 Full Review

The Kanger Five6 Box Mod Kit in blackAKD (Advanced Kangertech Design) is Kangertech’s new product line. They are introducing a whole new series of products to celebrate the advent of their second decade of existence on April 16, 2017. The FIVE6 222W Vape Mod and Tank is here, and it is arguably one of the best box mods on the market right now!


A Great Deal of Ooomph

The huge power capacity (222 watts) is achieved by a clever positioning of batteries inside a strong but lightweight frame. The casing measures 94 mm x 40 mm x 57 mm and can swallow up to 5 external 18650 batteries in a space not much larger than similar mods. The aluminum alloy frame of the battery bay has clear “+” and “-” indicators for correct battery installation and is protected by casings in 5 awesome colors which slide off for easy battery swapping.

The output range is 5 – 222 watts and adjustments to the wattage occur in 0.1-watt increments.


Charge it

Apart from being a super powerful mod, the groundbreaking use of so many batteries makes the FIVE6 a power bank with which you can charge your smart devices using a USB plug. Simply switch between normal usage mode and power bank mode by pressing a small button just next to the USB port. This means all-day convenience, especially when you hit the road.

This vape mod is currently featured in our Vape Deals and active (whilst stock last in the US). Be sure to check it out to get this mod for an absolute bargain!


Looking Good

The mod’s aluminum chassis bears the number 5 proudly emblazoned on a brightly colored casing. The color of the casings can be customized to match your mood and replaceable cases are available in red, yellow, black, green and blue.

Available in a number of colors


Perfect Placement

Another innovation is the new positioning of the display LCD with “+” and “-” buttons positioned on either side. In a flash of inspiration, Kanger set it at the top of the mod close to the 510 connection bezel, so that you can check your display settings at a glance while taking a hit: battery level, ohm info, and voltage is easily visible without maneuvering the mod around. Left-handed users will be happy to note that you can also flip the orientation of that display by 180°. You can also protect yourself from accidental changes to your perfect setting by locking the wattage setting – just press the fire and “-” buttons simultaneously. The firing button is just below the display, also towards the top, for easy pressing (click 5 times for magic times!).


Top-filling Convenience

Tank with top fill capabilityThe swivel-top design drip-free top-fill tank has a massive 8ml capacity with a large fill port. It fits snugly on the tank, which has two adjustable airflow ports at the bottom. The tank is constructed from a stainless steel & eco-brass body of 29mm x 50mm which weighs 94g, with a (replaceable) temperature-sensitive Pyrex glass tank that changes color as you vape.


Strategic Six-Pack

The all-new FIVE6 sub-ohm tank features three 0.6 ohm dual coils, with 2 parallel threads each, equaling an impressive six coils in total. However, in an unprecedented move, Kangertech has engineered a brand new proprietary, patented design which allows you to switch the number of coils in use at any given time!


Below the airflow ring, you’ll find three color coded push buttons representing the coil adjacent to each. Manipulate any combination of the buttons to activate 1, 2 or all 3 of the individual coils in the Tiger coil.


This is the Selectable Coil System with LED light indicator and is exclusive to the Kanger FIVE6 Tank. The LED lights indicate which coil is in use so that you can slip easily between one, two or all three dual coils according to your personal preferences. Mod wattage adjusts automatically according to the number of coils you have activated.


Video Preview


The Irresistible Advantage

The Kangertech Five6 Mod can fire coils with a resistance range of 0.1 ohm – 3.0 ohm:

  • 1 active Coil – operating resistance 0.6 ohms and a max rate 50W power
  • 2 active Coils – operating resistance 0.3 ohms with a max rate 100W power
  • 3 active Coils – operating resistance of 0.2 ohms and a max rate 150W power


Real Benefits For Users

Size of the Kanger Five6

  • Moderate to large battery unit size, but good tank size (94 mm x 40 mm x 57 mm and 29 mm x 50 mm respectively)
  • Massive power storage capacity with up to 5 x 18650 cells delivers the ultimate vaping times
  • Easy battery access and the USB charger allows it to be used as a power bank
  • Automatic power adjustment according to the number of coils in use
  • Three LED indicators for number of coils used
  • Customized look
  • Easy fill large non-drip tank
  • Heat resistant Pyrex glass tank tube
  • Adjustable airflow


Possible Drawbacks

Although the entire kit weighs less than 260g, it becomes significantly heavier when fully fitted with 5 batteries. This may be too heavy for some users, but the kit looks great and provides outstanding volumes of vapor with excellent taste. It’s also not a mod for new vapers, or those out there trying to quit smoking with e-cigs.



This is one of the most exciting mods for experienced users to hit the market in a while! We’re pleased to see Kanger move up the ranks as one of the best vaping brands, but remember that batteries are not included, and batteries can not be charged while in the Five6 Mod, so you will need an external charger. If the weight won’t bother you, you will get astounding vaping times at 222W of maximum power without having to watch your battery consumption.

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