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Full In-depth review of the OBS Cheetah 2 and mini RDA

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OBS Cheetah 2 and Cheetah 2 Mini RDA Review Bottom Line

The original OBS Cheetah tank has a good reputation, but the new OBS Cheetah II RDA tank is nevertheless a vast improvement. The new airflow system offers more flavor, and the amazing new clamp-style build deck was a terrific surprise. OBS really meant business with the new Cheetah 2 – there’s no single coil option, so you know you are in for a mega ride!


In-depth Review of the OBS Cheetah 2 and Cheetah 2 Mini RDA

Black version of the OBS Cheetah 2
The OBS Cheetah 2 (24mm) and Cheetah 2 Mini (22mm) RDA tanks are just right for users who love the ritual of prepping and juicing to get the best-tasting vape and variety possible. They don’t have the convenient e-juice reservoirs of RTA’s like Digiflavor Pilgrim GTA and OBS’s Crius RDTA, and RDA’s require the user to prep the cotton with e-juice before vaping. RDA’s usually operate at higher power levels than RTA’s to ensure monumental clouds of juicy vapor. You can learn more about the difference between RDA’s and RTA’s here.
OBS Cheetah 2 Mini in silver

The OBS Cheetah 2 Up Close And Personal

The Cheetah 2 and Cheetah 2 Mini look similar except for the 2mm difference in diameter and a small price difference. The base diameter is 24mm (or 22mm for the Cheetah 2 Mini), and the total size is 24mm × 34mm for the Cheetah2 and 22mm × 35.5mm for the Cheetah2 Mini.

There are four colors, but the gold and blue versions are scarce. You should get hold of the black or silver versions with ease. The base of each unit is engraved with two rather bellicose Cheetahs facing each other down – epic! The 304 stainless steel and all machined parts are smooth, and the double O-threads have a tight fit.


Airflow Advantage

The Cheetah 2 features an improved dual airflow system compared to the original OBS Cheeta RDA. The internal airflow hole is adjustable so that you can switch between concentrated flavor and building cumulus clouds, similar to the SMOK TFV12 Beast Tank. The external airflow slot is now on the side, so the air moves directly over the heated coil. This concentrates the flavor, and you’ll definitely taste the difference!

Air flow on the Cheetah 2 and Cheetah II mini


Houston, There’s No Tank

Although many vapers love the convenience of atomizer tanks, there’s just something about vaping with an RDA that reminds one of riding a vintage Harley Davidson. It’s just the ‘genuine article.’ However, for more convenience with your ‘retro’ experience, OBS has opted for extra user convenience with a generous 6mm deep juice well.

You can prep your vape by either pushing the top cover aside to drip the best e-liquid you can find into the well under the deck, or just drip e-juice down the wide bore drip tip. The easy to clean PEI drip tip (I first thought it was Ultem) provides exceptional heat resistance for a comfortable vape at high wattage. As a bonus, if you have a Goon-style 810 drip tip, you’ll be able to use it with the Cheeta II.


Decking It Out

The build deck on the OBS Cheetah 2If I had to pick the most outstanding feature of this RDA, it’s the brand new two-post build deck. To start with, the 20mm deck diameter (18mm for the Cheetah 2 Mini) is roomy enough for large coil builds and fits perfect on all the best vape mods. Secondly, each post deck consists of a clamp mechanism on one terminal, but conventional flathead screws at the top on the other terminal. This combines the classic feel of an RDA with a more secure clamp system for the contact points. The coil insertion hole on each terminal and the gap on each bottom clamp post hole is very generous, and the bottom clamp holes can accept special flat coil builds. As a result, there is plenty of room for complex configurations and large coil structures. We personally used Clapton Coils on it and it was perfect!



  • The OBS Cheetah 2 and Cheetah 2 Mini Boxes6mm well capacity and easy refill via the drip tip
  • PEI drip tip is easy to clean, and the Cheetah2 is compatible with 810 drip tips
  • Super-easy build and wicking thanks to the clever staggered post design
  • Room and opportunity for unusual and large deck builds
  • Clamp system provides security for the contact points
  • Flavor combined with super clouds
  • It’s an easy introduction to deck building for newer users.



The improved airflow provides a flavor fest at high wattage – performance which only an RDA can give you. Newcomers, who are use to some of the best e cigarettes shown here and want to try advanced vaping, and flavor chasers will absolutely love the simplicity of deck building and the range of options they will have. If you enjoy experimenting with flavors but have been hesitant about trying your hand at building your own deck, this is your RDA!

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