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The Full Vaporesso Wave Mod Review
8.8 Final Score
Vaporesso Wave Review Bottom Line

Vaporesso’s new Wave mod might not be the most physically dazzling device out on the market today, but it’s come with a lot of hype centered around its board capabilities and other high-tech functions. This is the company that brought us the Tarot mods, of course, so some might be a little disappointed to discover that this device has such an unassuming outer appearance. That can be overlooked, however, if the features and overall performance are impressive enough. In this Vaporesso Wave mod review, we’ll examine the device and try to determine whether its functionality can make up for its lack of aesthetic sizzle.

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Wave box mod from Vaporesso

The Full In-depth Vaporesso Wave Mod Review

I don’t want to belabor the point, but Vaporesso really went minimalist with this design. Yes, it’s a box mod – but does that mean that it has to look like so many of the other great box mods in the market today?  Rectangular shape with rounded edges? Check. Base two-toned color design? Check. Aesthetic creativity? Houston, we have a problem. Of course, if you’re content with an unobtrusive box mod that won’t attract much attention, then this mod should be right up your alley.

None of that is to suggest that this device is unattractive, mind you. The finish is sleek, and the Wave has a nice weight to it that makes for a comfortable fit in the hand. It’s just not anything to write home about.

The Vaporesso Wave in black and red


The Functions

The Wave relies on Omni board functionality to do its thing. If you’re not familiar with the Omni technology, you should really check out some reading material on the Tarot Nano box mods. The Omni is a workhorse, and its ably supported by the Wave’s huge battery – a 5000 mAh internal power unit that kicks out a full 120 watts of the power you need. The power supply setup is ideally designed to give you the kind of reliable, sustained, and long-lasting wattage output required for serious vaping activities.

That wattage is flexible enough to range from between 5 and 120 watts, with voltage between 0.0 and 8.5 volts. There’s a nice range for temperature control as well, giving you options to use temperatures between 200 and 600℉.  Thanks to the new features in the Omni board, you’re able to access and control these and other features, and view them on the device’s sizable OLED screen.


The Vaping Modes

The device comes with a variety of different vaping modes, which should provide you with plenty of different choices when it comes to meeting your vaping needs. For example:

  • Smart Variable Wattage. With this mode, the Omni does the work for you, choosing the right wattage to match your coil’s resistance.
  • Bypass Mode. This option is great for those who like to use mech mods, since it enables you to override the board regulations and use voltage directly from the batter – while still being protected from the more serious risks associated with mech mod usage.
  • Constant Curve of Wattage. This curves your vaping wattage by providing the ability to preset a five-second wattage value which gradually drops with continued use.
  • Constant Curve of Temperature. This option allows you to set temperature ranges that gradually drop after five seconds’ worth of vaping.
  • Temperature Control. If you’ve used box mods with TC, then you know what this is already. It permits you to control the temperature your mod uses during vaping. You can choose from titanium, nickel, or stainless steel wire.

The side view of the Vaporesso Wave


Alternative colors of the Vaporesso WaveThe performance for this unit was about what we expected and in line with the other best e cigs on the market right now. If you prefer more control and flexibility from your mods, then you’ll probably be satisfied with the results. It provides more than enough power to get you through just about any type of vaping session, with great sub-ohm capability and reliable wattage with no discernible disruptions. Our e-juice vaped with great consistency, both in terms of the flavor and vapor produced by the device.



I do have to complain about the design one more time, though – and this time that complaint involves the tank. The Wave doesn’t seem to have been designed with tank fits in mind, as some of Vaporesso’s own tanks are left with some overhang on the sides of the mod. To be honest, I’m not even sure how that is allowed to happen with a company like Vaporesso, and can’t understand how it is that nobody noticed that obvious design flaw.

Design aside, there’s much to commend with the Vaporesso Wave box mod. It is a fairly powerful device, and it comes complete with an impressive array of flexible features. We’d recommend it to anyone who prizes vaping performance over aesthetic appeal.

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