What parents should do with kids vaping
Are Your Kids Vaping? What Should You Do As A Parent?
June 2, 2017
The Full Vaporesso Wave Mod Review
Vaporesso Wave Mod Review and Deals
June 7, 2017
What parents should do with kids vaping
Are Your Kids Vaping? What Should You Do As A Parent?
June 2, 2017
The Full Vaporesso Wave Mod Review
Vaporesso Wave Mod Review and Deals
June 7, 2017

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Eleaf iJust NexGen Review Bottom Line

eLeaf has released a steady stream of vaping pens over the years. Frankly, their iJust range has not overwhelmed the market because - from a distance - it has been hard to spot the differences in the iJust products. However, they have been learning from their mistakes and building on their experience, and have now produced the iJust NextGen that offers an all-around “very good” experience for new vapers, plus one very nifty design innovation that may lure more experienced users back into the eLeaf mold.

Full In-depth iJust NexGen Review

The iJust NexGen vape pen in whiteNew vapers often choose pen-style devices because it looks and feels similar to cigarettes. The eLeaf iJust NexGenIt is a pen-style full vape kit that packs a pretty respectable punch but is still lightweight and easy to pop into a bag for convenient vaping at work or on the go. We will now take a close look at the features to see if this is one of the best vape pens on the market, or one to avoid.


Built-in Battery:

The 3000mAh Lithium battery delivers a solid 50W punch to cater for modest cloud chasers and provides a good, dense vapor output while lasting quite long.  Average vapers will get a day’s use, but heavy vapers can always use the Micro-USB charger with your laptop or a wall charger.  The USB port sits just below the airflow control ring on the side of the unit.

Colors of the iJust NexGen

Top Refilling:

Here’s a lovely surprise!  The retractable top fill mechanism made my day when I first tried it. Some mods and pens can be a hit-and-miss affair when it comes to refilling, and unless you have a steady hand, you can miss the opening and put e-juice down the main channel.  Not so with the eLeaf iJust NextGen! You don’t have to unscrew the top, just slide it to the side, and you’ll find a generous fill port that’s hard to miss.


Upgradeable Tank:

The tank holds 2ml of e-juice, but an upgrade to 4ml is also available for heavy vapers and lazy bones (like me!).  The upgrade consists of a chimney extension and larger glass section, both generously included in the kit. The iJust NextGen features a Delrin wide bore drip tip which can be twisted off for cleaning.


Airflow Advantage:

You adjust airflow with the control ring just below the tank. It’s a dual system with a rotating ring, which allows for better control and in combination with the accomplished stainless steel coil, adds to flavor production.


Sophisticated looks:

Today’s vape pens are a little thicker than the earliest editions due to bigger and more powerful batteries.  The iJust NextGen has a 24.5mm diameter like most of its close competitors.  It comes in a matte gray, sleek silver, understated black, clean white, postbox red, and a brilliant blue, and the sturdy tube-shaped chassis combine seamlessly with a Pyrex glass tank to finish off the modern look.

Dimensions of the Eleaf iJust NexGen

Up close:

So it looks great and vapes really well considering the size and power, but does this make it one of the best electronic cigarette options out there? Well, that all depends on the user and what they want to achieve. If you’re after a discrete vape to carry around with you, the possibly the NexGen is right up there as one of the best. If you’re after a huge, smooth cloud hit then we would always suggest you take a look at the best vape brands as they tend to produce a lot better results.


Safety features:

Smart-chip technology offers multiple automatic protection with an auto cut-off system and short-circuits protection.


Just one button:

Battery color indicatorsLike all vaping pens, the iJust NexGen is an unregulated (auto) vaping device and power depends on the voltage level of the battery. There are no readings or settings, like you get on box mods, the Smok G80 as an example, there is just one power on / power off setting which acts as an intelligent LED indicator that employs four different colored LED signals that change according to the charge level:

  • Green – 100% to 60%
  • Orange – 59% too 30%
  • Blue – 29% to 10%
  • Red – 9% to 0%


Eleaf iJust NexGen in bits

Single-Cylinder HW1 Coils:

The iJust NexGen is equipped for big vapor production with a stainless steel 0.2Ω coil, one of which is pre-installed, plus a spare coil in the kit. in your stick and ready for use.  Stainless steel coils are popular with flavor fiends, and this vape pen does not disappoint.



  • Pocket companion
  • Easy-charge built-in battery and complimentary USB charger
  • Upgrade from 2ml to 4ml e-juice using the included chimney extension and larger glass section
  • Comfortable Delrin wide bore drip tip with twist-off design
  • Long battery life
  • Sub-ohm single coil of stainless steel 0.2Ω
  • Excellent taste and very satisfying vapor clouds



This vape pen is a good starting point for smokers.  It is simple to operate, yet it gives a good balance between vapor and taste combined with a look and feel that is more familiar than mods.  There are loads of bigger and more advanced mods which you try out once you know what rocks your boat, but keep in mind that almost all vapers also own a basic go-to device like the Smok Vape Pen Plus or the eLeaf iJust NexGen to use as needed, so you’ll be in good company!

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