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Full Innokin Thermo RDA Tank Review

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7.4 Final Score
Innokin Thermo RDA Review Bottom Line

If you believe that the RDA Tank gives better performance then the Innokin Thermo RDA is not going to disappoint. Delivering a smooth custom vape that hits all the flavor notes built into the e-liquid, this RTA tank is just awesome. Featuring a well design-build deck with 2.5mm holes to fit most coils and smooth air flow control this tank should be one on you buy list!

Side view of the Innokin Thermo RDA Tank

Indepth Innokin Thermo RDA Tank Review

When it comes to RDA tanks, we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. And, at times, it can sometimes seem as though there’s nothing new under the sun. We’ve been hearing some buzz from RDA fans recently, however, and soon discovered that they were all excited about a new Innokin RDA tank that was supposedly the ‘hot thing’ in the RDA and RTA market. Naturally, out test group wanted to get in on the action to see whether the hype was deserved. In this Innokin Thermo RDA tank review, we’ll test the product to see what we think.

A quick note to avoid confusion: Although this is described as an RDA Tank, technically it is actually an RTA! You can read more about the difference between RDA and RTA here!

Both sides of the Thermo RDA Tank

The Design

Let’s begin with the first thing most vapers are going to notice: the aesthetics. At first, glance, this is like no RDA we’ve ever seen before. It has a really large glass top and gold-plating that really catches the eye. We soon discovered that the device comes in 25 or 27mm, and includes a squonk pin and great capacity for deck building – including a dual post option. Overall, the Thermo offers really clean design, with elegant lines and no real negatives to speak of.

Your not going to want to run this tank on anything other than a vape mod with variable wattage, so if your old mod isn’t up to the job then take a look at some of the best vape mods on the market right now, there’s a lot of choices!



And then there’s the packaging. This is something that we weren’t expecting, as the product shows up in a cylindrical package, with the clear outer casing so that you can see that gorgeous RDA nestled securely in its case.  My first thought was that someone had sent me a pack of CDs by mistake since the case so closely resembles that packaging style! Even more impressive, there’s a velvet bag inside that contains everything you need for the product – including:The packaging of the Thermo RDA Tank

  • The Innokin Thermo RDA –25mm or 27mm (whichever you ordered)
  • 4 gold plated cross-head screws (spare parts_
  • Squonk pin
  • An assortment of gold-plated grub screws (used when you switch between deck designs
  • 4 4-ml Clapton coils
  • Spare O-rings
  • An extra glass tank
  • 2 velocity-style post holes
  • Cotton
  • Hex key
  • The obligatory and all-important user manual


That’s a nice assembly of components that should provide most users with a good base of materials for their vaping needs. The RDA tank offers two airflow capabilities: the fixed-bottom airflow, and the adjustable airflow at the top. That inner top cap is a tornado-style feature that aligns well with the device’s proprietary wide-bore drip tip. You might also want to stock up on some more vape cotton, as we seem to go through it pretty quickly, but it’s cheap enough!



That gold piece that we mentioned is in the middle of the device and is designed to prevent spit-back. That’s a great little feature, and it worked extremely well in our tests – eliminating one of our most common complaints about devices like this. And be honest: you don’t like that spit-back either.

The Thermo RDA Tank broken down

The product uses innovative airflow channels strategically located to redirect airflow using what is being described as a ‘windstorm system.’ That seems to help the product deliver those really huge vapor clouds, while still maintaining purer flavor than most other tanks. In our tests, that seems to have been the general consensus. We were impressed enough to launch into one of our patented impromptu cloud-chasing competitions – which I lost, by the way. I always come out on the short end of those battles, it seems. Also read our vape deals section to see if this tank is on sale, they often come up from different suppliers.

The Thermo RDA Tank bottom and side view


The juice well is really deep as well – about 8ml! That’s important since this tank seemed to be a thirsty little devil. That’s common any time you’re producing that much vapor, which is why it’s been so frustrating to see so many otherwise-sound companies provide so many products with minimal juice capacity. Larger tanks equal less frequent interruptions for us – and when we’re testing products, our convenience is a major factor in determining whether we recommend them to buyers. In this instance, we loved the capacity, and never felt inconvenienced.

Seriously, though – if anyone complains about an 8-ml tank in this age of tiny capacity, they’re really missing out on the bigger picture here! The majority and that’s including all of the best e-cig products generally have smaller tanks to support the TPD regulations that came into play across Europe.

The Build pins on the tankThe device assembles and disassembles with ease, so you won’t have to worry that you’ll struggle with your building efforts. It’s solid but easy to work with. That was a bit of a surprise, especially when you consider how elegant everything looks. We expected more of a struggle.


To Conclude

On the negative side, we did have trouble finding compatible drip tips and ended up sticking to the one that came with the RDA. That was a minor disappointment, however, and one that we quickly got over as we started to chase those clouds.

Overall, the Thermo RDA tank is a really great product that delivers on its promise of huge clouds and pure flavor. We highly recommend it to RDA-fans everywhere. We tested ours on the new Smok ProColor Mod and it just sang, an awesome experience!

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