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Full indepth VaporFi VAIO Mini Review

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8.8 Final Score
VaporFi VAIO Mini Review Bottom Line

The new VaporFi VAIO Mini vape mod is one of the simplest mods to use in the industry. The all in one mod features a built-in 1000mAH rechargeable battery and a built-in tank, just charge, fill with your favorite flavor of juice and start vaping, no messing around! This size of this device is amazing and the punch it has with flavor is equally amazing if your new to vaping this device is perfect! If your an experienced vaper though you may want a device with more features.

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The VaporFi VAIO Mini vape mod in grey

Indepth VaporFi VAIO Mini Starter Kit Review

VaporFi have been in the vaping industry for many years now and they have now introduced a tiny vape mod named the VaporFi VAIO Mini. Considering its size and price we don’t expect much, but let’s check out this mod to see how it performs against its competitors and the other best vape mods on the market.

Front and back view of the VAIO Mini mod


Wow, this thing is small! It is so discrete and can even be hidden totally in your hand it is that small! It is an all in one device, known as AIO, which basically means it has its own built-in tank within the device; all you need to do is fill it with juice and you’re good to go!

Considering its size we are amazed they managed to fit a 1000mAh internal battery in, with a constant output measured around 3.7 volts this should last approx 6 hours of constant vaping, good job VaporFi. There’s also no voltage setting, temperature controls or anything to have to worry about!

VaporFi seems to be concentrating on easy to use devices, take their VaporFi VAIO Go, for example, which is their easy to use vape pen.


Using the VAIO Mini

As with many mods and vape pens to turn the device on and off use the 5 click process, this protects the device from being fired when carrying around with you. There is a fire button on the side which you hold down when you draw on the device.

Removing the Atomizer Base and Atomizer

Changing The Atomizer

To change the atomizer you first have to remove the mouthpiece, this shows the atomizer base which can now be unscrewed. The atomizer can then be unscrewed from this base. When you first receive your VAIO Mini, it’s a good idea to remove the preinstalled atomizer and drop a few drops of juice around the top edges, trying to soak the cotton. This prevents and dry burns, as that can taste horrible.  You should do this each time you change the atomizer also.

Filling the VaporFi VAIO Mini with e-liquid

Filling the Tank

To fill the VAIO Mini you can pull down on the front lever which exposes the fill hole, this is pretty cool as you don’t have to play around with unscrewing atomizers, or removing mouthpieces etc. One thing to be aware of is that you can easily overfill the device, especially when you hold it on its side to refill! Just be aware of this and you should be fine! Make sure you close the fill lever after adding the e-liquid or it might leak all over the place.

The size of the VAIO Mini


The VaporFi VAIO Mini comes with a micro USB cable to charge the internal battery. Simply connect to a power source to begin the charging process. You can check the battery level by clicking the fire button 3 times quickly. Four led lights on the front screen represent a fully charged battery.


Before Initial Use

Once you have primed your atomizer (dripped a few drops of e-liquid in your atomizer) and filled the device with e-liquid it’s a good idea to take a few short breaths through the mouthpiece, this circulates the e-liquid through the atomizer, again stopping any likelihood of dry burns.

This procedure is pretty standard with most vape mods and vape pens.

How the VaporFi VAIO Mini performs


With a 1 ohm resistance and 3.7V output, our expectations were initially low and thought it was mainly for those who vape mouth to lung, which is when you draw into your mouth first then suck the vapor into your lung in a similar way people smoke a cigarette. You can learn more about the different types of vaping here.

But we actually tried both mouth to lung and direct lung inhales and they both worked great!

There is a little resistance in airflow, but this is really only an issue if your use to huge airflow devices and you soon get used to it.

The mod itself doesn’t produce huge clouds, like some of the best vapes we have reviewed, but then we didn’t expect it would, you need less than 0.5ohm units (sub ohm mods) for that. But what it does produce is a decent flavor and a fulfilled hit.



The VaporFi VAIO Mini comes in a box complete with everything you need to start vaping, well almost!  The Kit includes the following:

1 x VaporFi VAIO All in One Mod

2 x 1ohm atomizers

1 x USB Charging cable

1 x User Guide

Basically everything except e-liquid, but as you need to choose your own custom flavor that is understandable, just don’t forget to add it as it can be really annoying if your kit arrives but you have no juice! One other thing before you buy; make sure to check out our vaping deals area as VaporFi often have some great deals and we report them first!

Colors available of the VAIO Mini
Purple version of the VAIO Mini mod

Protection On The Device

The VaporFi VAIO Mini comes with some safety features, for example, if the resistance of the coil is low, or if there is a fault like short-circuited etc the fire button will flash, protecting the user from any overheating, damage or those vaping explosions you hear about in the news. If this happens, it’s best to check the connection of the atomizer.

Again this is pretty standard with most regulated vape mods on the market, but it’s nice to see VaporFi also incorporating it.


To Conclude

The VaporFi VAIO Mini is really aimed at new vapers or those wishing to quit smoking with e-cigs as the draw, is very similar. The ease of use is great, with this AIO device, you just need to add your e-liquid and start vaping, you don’t need to know ohms law to figure out what voltage you need or temperature to use.

Overall a reliable, small vape mod with a great tasting vapor, good job VaporFi.

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