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Review of the VooPoo DRAG Nano Pod Kit

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VooPoo DRAG Nano Pod Bottom Line

The new VooPoo DRAG Nano Pod Kit certainly has the bling factor with a polished chrome exterior along with a resin side of your choice. The 1.8-ohm resistant coil within the refillable pod means it is meant for use with mouth to lung style of vaping. No airflow control on this device but it does produce a semi-to-high restrictive flow, which will be popular. The flavor and vape production is on the good to high level, especially considering it is a low wattage device thanks to the internal 750mAh rechargeable battery that produced 350 puffs of a full charge.

In-depth DRAG NANO Pod Kit by VooPoo Review

The original VooPoo Drag was one of the best selling box mods and recently they upgraded the features releasing the VooPoo DRAG 2 and Mini Kit. Now they are releasing a pod version! So how well does this kit perform against the very best vape pods on the market? We take a closer look to see in our full review.

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Colors of the VooPoo DRAG Nano Pod


VooPoo has certainly created a nice looking pod kit with the DRAG nano. Made from a mixture of zinc alloy and aluminum alloy whilst measuring in at just 54.5mm tall, including the mouthpiece, 35mm wide and just 11mm in depth this kit is small, so small that they also provide a chain to wear around your neck! Weighing in at just 44 grams it weighs next to nothing as well!

VooPoo is releasing the Drag Nano in a number of different designs which include Klein blue, Tidal, Ceylon yellow, Fiesta, Ink, Aurora, and Nebulas blue, so you have plenty of choices there.

With no fire buttons or menu areas, the design is rather simplistic, with the color side as above, the other side has the huge DRAG logo which some will love and some will hate! On the side is a small LED to let you know the battery level. On the very base of the pod is the Micro USB port for recharging the internal battery. Next to the USB port is another raised etching of the words "Gene Chip", which is another nice little feature.

Note: If your one of the first 500,000 customers there is an option to buy the "Fans Version", this kit includes a free chain or neckless to wear the pod around your neck.

Front Back and Side views


Although, as we have said, there are no buttons or menus to navigate, VooPoo has still included some pretty decent features which we see in all the best e-cigarette products. They include the battery indicator for the internal 750mAh battery, which illuminates the LED in different colors depending on its status, that is:

  • Green - For above 60% capacity
  • Blue - For between 20-60% capacity
  • Red - For below 20% capacity remaining

A full charge should take no longer than 1 hour and provide roughly 350 puffs.

Other features include built-in timeout protection to avoid burning out your atomizers, short circuit protection to protect the battery, overcharge protection again to protect the battery, and over discharge protection along with overcurrent protection. All in all this pod system has all the safety features one would expect from the best vapes.

These features are all thanks to VooPoos Gene Chipset which is one of the best in the market and included in a lot of their box mod and also features in many of the best vape pens from VooPoo.


The Pods

The VooPoo DRAG Nano pods are following a simple pod design with 1ml e-liquid capacity. The pods are refillable, this is achieved by removing the mouthpiece from the pod which reveals a fill hole on the side.

The coil within the pod is measured at 1.8-ohm so straight away you know this is meant for the mouth to lung vapers. The outside is slightly transparent so when removing the pod you can see how much e-liquid is left, although it is quite hard to see.

Size of the VooPoo DRAG Nano Pod Kit


There are no settings to play around with along with no airflow settings, so you are stuck with what VooPoo has set it too. As we're having to do mouth to lung vaping we're using a 6mg e-liquid (as opposed to the 3mg we use on direct lung inhale devices), we are using our standard testing flavor so we can accurately describe the flavor content on the device.

The first thing we notice is the slightly restricted draw on the device, now we know a lot of mouth to lung vapers like this, so that's a good thing. The vapor content is also pretty good considering it's a low power mouth to lung device. The flavor is actually quite surprising as we weren't expecting too much, straight from the first vape the flavor is certainly coming through and competes against the best on the market.

Packaging on the DRAG Nano Pod Kit


The VooPoo DRAG Nano Pod Kit certainly looks aesthetically pleasing with the chrome finish and resin side. Along with the design, the vape performance is actually pretty good as well as producing a decent flavor and plenty of vapor. The medium to high resistant air flow will suit the mouth to lung vapers, although it is still possible to do direct lung inhale vapers in no way is it designed for this thanks to the 1.8mAh coil. With an internal 750mAh rechargeable battery, VooPoo states you should get 350 puffs from a full charge.

Overall a good performing pod kit that we think will make it on our list of the best pod kits available right now.

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