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Avoid foggy windows when vaping

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: December 5th, 2018.


Solutions to Avoid Fogging Up Your Windows When Vaping

Avoid foggy windows when vapingVaping does have its drawbacks and one we encounter and hear about from our readers is the problem of windows misting up, due to vaping. Whether it’s your car windows whilst driving, your office windows whilst having that cheeky vape, or simply, your windows at home fogging up after a long day at work. Most vapers experience this very problem.

So how can you prevent your windows from fog when vaping? Well in this article we’ll take a look at the root cause and see the different methods that people use to help with this problem.

The Vegetable Glycerin solution in e-liquid

Identifying the Problem

We all know that vaping isn’t smoking, and the majority of us actually started vaping to quit smoking and prevent the horrible smell lurking around. Whilst vaping solves the majority of problems, the creation of misty windows is one we now need to tackle!

It’s actually caused by a sticky solution within the e-liquid known as Vegetable Glycerin (VG), the higher the VG content in the liquid the more problems you’re going to have, well at least with foggy windows anyway! PG does create a film too, but not nearly as much as VG.

VG is a sticky oily substance that is more prone to stick to shiny flat surfaces such as windows, and tiles. You can compare it with steam coming from your shower, but this water steam soon evaporates and disappears. VG however sticks and remains on the windows due to the oils within.

Solutions for foggy windows

Top Solutions

There are many solutions you can try to help reduce the fog, but in all honesty none of them are going to completely eliminate the problem, so it’s just going to have to be one that you live with.

  1. Whilst driving – This is probably one of the easiest ones to combat. The solution to stop your car windows from steaming up is to open a window, just a crack, to allow the vapor to move around and escape. Also, put your air conditioning on to recirculate the air from outside. The idea here is to stop the vapor from hovering around and giving it a chance to stick. Follow the other suggestions below also to help eliminate it further.
  2. Whilst at home – Many people believe in the anti-mist sprays or soaps you add to your window cleaner and although this helps a little it doesn’t completely solve the problem. One of the best solutions is to cut the amount of VG in your e-liquid, at least in the juice you use at home. The likeliness is your using a high VG content juice, probably around 70/30 VG/PG, so try using a 50/50 mix. This cuts down the amount of sticky VG in your vapor and will reduce the misting up no end.
  3. Whilst in the Office – Probably one of the hardest to combat, but start with the suggestions above. The next step is to use a vape product that doesn’t produce as much vapor, like a Juul or one of the best cigalikes. Although you may not get a big hit as your use to, you still get a hit that might get you through to break time!

Other solutions to misting windows whilst vaping

Other Solutions

You may also want to try washing your windows with your normal window cleaner but adding vinegar to the mix. Make sure you rub it in really good, as the vinegar makes the vapor harder to stick to. In time though it will get past and start misting up again, it does make the windows clearer for longer.

Use higher resistance coils help reduce the vapor content, granted you’re not going to get the same hit as you get from the best e-cigs with lower coil resistance, but if you want to use the same mod and tank but reduce the vapor this is a great way. If you go over 1-ohm, even better, and try doing mouth to lung inhales instead.

Open a window in your home and try to move the air with a fan. Essentially we trying to resemble the solution we had whilst driving by circulating the air until it escapes through the open window.


To Conclude

If you’re still having problems, then don’t just stick with one of the methods we have suggested, try implementing them all, this is for sure going to have a huge effect on the misting problem.

If you have found another way to prevent the misting of your windows, please feel free to share with us and we’ll add it to this article to help others!

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