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SMOK Veneno 225W Mod Kit Review

Full review of the SMOK Veneno Mod Kit
7.4 Final Score
SMOK Veneno Mod Kit Review Bottom Line

The new Veneno mod kit from SMOK is basically the S-Priv with a different design. Featuring dual 18650 battery mod of up to 225W of power but with a cool light display and 1-inch color screen, this kit gives you a great quality mod with an accurate and tasteful vape. Nothing spectacular, but all in all a great mod kit.

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SMOK Veneno mod in black and red

In-Depth Review of the SMOK Veneno Mod

Well, SMOK have released another mod kit just before the new year, no real surprise there, they are the most active in releasing kits to the market. So let’s take a close look at the new Veneno kit, to see what you get, how good it is in comparison to some of the best vape mods on the market and ultimately if its good value for money.

Silver version of the SMOK Veneno Mod

The Design

Well it’s a little different, and not sure if it’s going to appeal to the masses, but it does look a lot better in real life as opposed to the pictures you see online. Probably because ultimately SMOK is a quality brand and the making of this mod is top notch.

The first batch has 2 color options, rainbow and silver/black. This is just the first batch and SMOK are planning on releasing a whole array of 7 different color choices, so watch out for those soon.

If you like mods that light up, then you’re going to love the Veneno! It has strips on the back that light up when operated which do look pretty cool, personally, though we prefer to save the battery life to vape with, not a pretty light show, nevertheless it’s pretty cool!

It also has a pretty color screen with more light strips on the front. The well laid out display gives you all the information you need and as always really easy to adjust. For some reason SMOK has also included a light on the tank, so when you fire this mod the whole tank glows!

That’s all pretty cool and everything, but the real question is this one of the best e cig products out there, well before we look into the performance we have to check out it’s tank;

The tank on the Veneno kit

The Tank

The TFV8 Baby tank is a well tried and tested tank that produces some really good vape clouds and flavor. We have reviewed this tank many times as SMOK love adding it to their new mods and calling them kits. So if you’re upgrading your mod from another SMOK model, chances are you already have one, so just buy the mod on its own!

The tank comes in 2 different formats, one to suit the TPD in Europe which has a 2ml capacity. The other is the standard edition, which has a 5ml capacity tank. Both tank versions are otherwise exactly the same. Top fill, 56mm tall, 24.5mm diameter and also comes with spare atomizer heads.

The standard tank also comes with an option of buying a new Bulb like glass which will add an additional 2ml to your tank, making it 7ml in capacity.


The Performance

This mod is a dual 18650 battery mod with an output of up to 225 Watts. The kit comes with the TFV8 Baby tank which is a really good tank to be paired with the mod. So how does it perform?

Side view of the SMOK Veneno mod kit
So pumping the mod up to 40W and priming the coil with juice, we take our first taste! An average amount of vape, but you can taste the juice starting to come through. Adjusting the mod up to 50W seem to produce much more vapor and much more taste. The coils definitely work a lot better after you get them warm, so if your vaping a lot it’s probably ok to vape at a lower wattage, but we think around 50-60 watts is the perfect setting for this tank.

Let’s be honest here, the Veneno performs and works exactly like their new S-Priv Mod, so basically, it’s the same mod in a different shell. So just pick the design you prefer, they are the same! Check out our vape deals as SMOK products often come up for sale at great prices!

Two views, back and side of the Venono kit

SMOK Veneno Mod  Core Features

  • 1W – 225W Power Output from 2x 18650 batteries
  • 5V – 9V Voltage output
  • 1 – 2.5 ohm Wattage Resistance range
  • 200 – 600 degree Fahrenheit Output
  • 05 – 2.0 ohm Temperature Control Resistance Range
  • 1″ Color OLED Screen


To Conclude

The Smok Veneno kit is another great example of a quality mod from SMOK, your either going to love the whole light display or hate it, but as it’s completely customizable you can adjust it to your liking. The performance is everything we would expect from SMOK, but we would have liked to have seem some more features, like those that Council of Vapor introduced on the COV Xion mod.

Nevertheless, SMOK has produced a good mod which is basically the S-Priv with a different look. If you can grab at a good price is well worth it.


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